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Settling-In Support and Assistance

Program overview:
Package include:
  • Neighborhood orientation (public services and facilities, post office, police station, clinics, places of worship, restaurants, etc.)
  • Bank account opening
  • Mandatory health checkup appointments
  • Medical briefings and tour of facilities
  • Mobile phone and 3G contracts
  • Embassy/Consulate registration
  • Household/personal liability insurance
  • Shopping orientation (groceries, furniture, interior decoration, home appliances)
  • Car rental and driver
  • Taxi card membership agreements
  • Driving license conversion
  • Information and advice on hiring household help (cooks, nannies, housekeepers)
  • Club and association memberships
  • Sports and recreational activities
  • Language courses
  • Pet care information and facilities
  • Any additional settling-in assistance required to meet individual needs and interests